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We are children-oriented organisation committed to providing good education to children and through charity and remove child poverty in our community. By Child education charity, you could help in equipping schools, managing the primary and the secondary schools efficiently and in a better manner, giving vocational training. All the charity funds are used in taking care of all the basic needs in children’s education like providing funds for their school fees, books, uniforms, nutritional supplements. Our aim is to provide them with a better life and make them independent and give them a friendly environment and provide them with a bright future and make them competitive in today’s world, to make them face the world confidently and independently.
The organisation makes sure that they provide maximum benefits to the children by fully utilising the funds received from charity in the betterment of the unprivileged children. The support that is provided to children helps a lot in their education making them self sufficient and strong to face the challenges of life. Children no longer miss their schools as these programs help them in paying the school fees and buying them school books and uniforms.Child survival programs are organised to ensure that every child has the right to live and these programs are so designed that it makes a substantial improvement in the lives of children. The different activities include education, healthcare, food, water , livelihood, proper sanitation, providing relief during disaster, distributing materials like seeds, livestock, early childhood care constituting children’s clubs and libraries. All the funds are managed properly and carefully to fulfil all the needs of a child to help in his mental, physical growth. We emphasise on providing deprived children with proper health and nutrition giving them opportunities to live a happy and healthy life. These programs make a vast difference to children who live in poverty. The support given to them changes their lives and gives them a clear future. There are thousands of Australians who are child sponsors today, who care and protect the rights of children. The funds provided are used for teenagers after school in providing them with vocational training, skill training, mentoring, counselling to help improve their economic situation so that they are no longer dependent on others..
Sponsor an Aboriginal Child in Australia is a very noble work and through such programs we focus on working together with communities and governments to be culturally holistic. Aboriginal children face lots of challenges in schools and also in the dealing with outside world. They get limited opportunities to show their potential. Through our program for aboriginal children, we provide them with healthy food, good education, making them self sufficient and reduce the absenteeism and school drop-outs of aboriginal children especially girls keeping them engrossed in their studies and learning new things to make their educational experience memorable and positive. These aboriginals are introduced to cultural diversity. This helps in changing their mind set and developing a broader view of life.
By helping a child through charity you build a life-long bond with the sponsored child. This makes you feel good that you could make a difference to at least one child in your life.

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