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Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) charity organisation in Australia is an independent, multicultural international development organisation who works to reduce poverty and impart free education to the children in the developing countries through ACC orphanage centres in Africa.

They implement programs and projects together with a range of local partners in Asia, Africa and America. Their work is funded through child sponsorship in Australia as well as public donations and seeks for government grants.
Amitofo Care Centre Australia is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission and approved by the Australian Tax Office as a Public Benevolent Institution, and is eligible for Charity tax benefits but not yet eligible as a deductible gift recipient.

The poor countries in Africa are sufferers of prolonged droughts, famines and conflicts which has had a severe effect on health and life expectancy of the children. A large number of children die here before they attain the age of five. The greater percentage of population in Malawi is dependent on farming for a living but without water they cannot grow the crops they need to feed and support their families. They even don’t have basic facilities like safe drinking water, simple toilets and education for the orphans. The bad condition of roads makes it difficult to reach the remote villages and low water tables present further challenges. The Australian charity organisations help by funding water and sanitation projects in Africa, and thereby transforming the lives of the poor people by providing clean water and safe sanitation. They collect funds for these programmes by organising charity events, collecting donations, corporate partnerships, seeking government grants and also by child sponsorship in Australia.

These organisations change the lives of the underprivileged in Africa by providing them a complete living environment with shelter, care, food, water, clothing, transport and access to education. Vocational training, medical care, training for skill development and also ways to preserve the African culture are provided to these children. They provide all these facilities for orphans from kindergarten to secondary school and advance to technical training and universities around the world. Orphans living at the orphanage centres are taught about moral values and practice Buddhist philosophy. They are taught about faith, compassion, kindness and love and ways to achieve a balanced physical, mental and spiritual growth. These organisations respect the freedom of religion of these orphans and so they do not force the children to convert to Buddhism or Christianity. Besides taking care of the orphans in their centres, they extend support to the local communities by running community based programs for providing them with the necessary.