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The nongovernmental charitable foundations in Australia are involved in charity for the orphanage schools meant for children both primary and secondary and also provide residential facilities for children, and medical attention, etc. They have adopted thousands of poor and orphan African children and look after all their basic needs, support them in their education, train them and also take care of their medical necessities. They organise charity events in Australia which are meant for contributing, by fundraising activities, for the financial help extended to orphans. Their programmes are meant to eradicate poverty from the community has been applauded by the various communities in Australia.
The save the African children charity events, have inculcated good values in the orphans in Africa. They strive to improve the living of such children by sponsoring African children, who have otherwise been deprived of all the good things of life. Through their endeavour, the Australian people learn the lessons of loving, compassion, caring and at the same time the charity funds are used in a way, such that the African orphan children live in a sophisticated environment which helps their physical and mental growth. The charity could be done for various activities like life saving treatments for these orphans, sponsoring for a woman giving birth at home by providing them safe birth kit, can sponsor an African child by paying for their food, water, protection, medicines and education.
The Child sponsorship organisations in Australia sponsor the orphans in Africa and aid the development programs as per the needs of children and their communities in Africa. The programs help the local agencies and community groups for identifying the children who are in desperate need of the relief assistance. Their highly trained and qualified staffs in Australia work in coordination with the local groups in Africa so as to regularly evaluate the family circumstances. They also offer direction and instructions to local volunteers in the communities. Their main focus is on providing self-help opportunities to communities. They also work to nurture the health and nutrition of orphans and also to improve the skills which will enable the orphaned children to lead a healthy and happy adult life. These orphans are generally sponsored till they are 18 years old. Some of these children who have attained 18 yrs of age are taught to help the other younger children, for which they are further sponsored till they are 24 yrs old.

They have also opened schools both primary and secondary and dormitories in almost all places in Africa and are continuously expanding their reach. They have adopted large number of children in Africa and are working in close contact with the other similar organisations in nearby districts in order to support more orphan children. The Child sponsorship programs strive to support the African orphan children and their communities. They support these children regardless of their religion, race, political persuasion or gender. These organisations by sponsoring a child make a pledge to the growth of a poor child and also of the community as a whole.
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