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Sponsor African Children 2

ACC understands that orphaned children suffer the most when growing up in a nation shrouded in natural disasters, disease, war and poverty, not to mention the lost of their basic rights to education. ACC is committed to both charity and educational affairs. We supply material goods. In addition, we provide personal and school-based education that balances the development of mind, body and soul. We strive for such framework to empower the younger generation to build the foundation key to changing their destiny and improving the fate of future Africans.

ACC is a people-oriented organisation that values family. The orphanage village is run like a large family with children of different ages. For example, there are twenty children in one “ACC family” sharing a house with two local nannies and one guardian teacher. The duties of the nannies and guardian teacher are to take care of the basic needs of the children on a daily basis, as well as supervising and educating them to ensure that they grow up in a happy and healthy environment.

ACC has also established the Yuan-Tong School within the orphanage village. The Yuan-Tong school is a formal educational institution that complies with the local school system and provides education from primary to secondary levels. The school teaches Buddhism and Mandarin in addition to local language and English. As such, the children not only maintain their native African culture, but also simultaneously learn broader perspectives stemming from western and traditional Chinese cultures.

ACC hopes that by introducing cultural diversity, our orphans can develop a broader view of life that embraces diversity, independence, and healthy interdependence. It is our hope that our orphans will then contribute to their country and the world, starting from empowering them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.