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The Children charities in Australia work in partnership with the local communities in different countries of Africa to create lasting and meaningful change by following long-term community development and promoting children’s rights. They aspire to make the community poverty free, and see that the unprivileged children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
These charities are independent, non-religious international development organisations who work to reduce poverty of children in the developing world. They implement their programs and projects together with a range of local partners in Asia, Africa and South America. Their work is funded through child and community sponsorship, as well as public donations and government grants. These organisations are registered as charity with the Australian Charities and not for profit commission and the donations made to them are exempted from Tax by the government.
They organise charity events in African countries like taking the unprivileged children living in rural areas, to an amusement park in any nearby city. They work in close co-ordination with their local NGO to provide a memorial outing to the children. They plan to take the kids to amusement Park where they play together and also get the first opportunity to enjoy play equipment and rides. The charity organisation in Australia advertise their intention on their website and request Australian people to donate an amount which would cover the entire expense of one child, to ensure a great day for that child.
Some of the common goals of these charity organisations in Australia are:
1. To promote and secure the rights of the poor people in Africa and provide them access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation;
2. To support the Australian government’s intention deliver safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation to the poor people in developing countries;
3. To teach the importance safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation in human development to the poor people in the developing countries ;
4. To develop and be recognised as an effective global charitable organisation

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s poorest countries where prolonged droughts, famines and conflicts has had a severe effect on health and life expectancy of the children. Here a large number of children die before the age of five. The maximum number of people in Ethiopia is dependent on Agriculture for a living but without water they cannot grow the crops they need to feed and support their families. They also lack basic facilities like safe drinking water, simple toilets and education for the orphans . The bad condition of roads makes it difficult to reach the remote villages and low water tables present further challenges. The Australian charity organisations help by funding water and sanitation projects in Ethiopia, and thereby transforming the lives of the poor people by providing clean water and safe sanitation. They collect funds for these programmes by organising charity events, collecting donations, corporate partnerships, government grants and also by child sponsorship in Australia.
They work with local partners who understand local issues in order to address the water, sanitation and hygiene issues faced by Ethiopia’s poorest people.

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